Arduino & open hardware workshop



Workshop at Summerschool of Making, August 2014 – Arduino & Open Hardware,
taught by Lieven & Kurt, with assistance from César Vandevelde & Maarten Vanhoucke.



One day. 15 people. Arduino introduction in the morning & building a working ‘Hektor’ skycrane/carnival grabber in the afternoon.
we got from Arduino introduction to working machine in one day.


We had planned to build a number of smaller machines with small groups, but instead the class decided to do one large crane with the entire group & they divided up the work:


Arduino, lasercutting & 3D-printing – 6X6X6meter carnival gripper, built by:
-Theresia Eigenseer & Tiny Vandenberghe (grappling hook),
Clara Vanker& Jean-Marc Benoit (stepping motor mounts),
Marie Boes (remote controller box, servo programming, soldering, staying up late ),
Toon Maillard (stayingg up late & fixing tie wraps, lasercutting),
Lucas De Volder (stepper controller board),
Laurent Van Der Poorten (fixing falling grappling hook & staying up late)
Alastair Caird (stepper motor control code),
Allly Stewart & Ally 2 (soldering PCB-board controller box),
Lieven Standaert (made coffee, did debugging, replaced stepper drivers with more powerful ones, tuned the motors)
César Vandevelde (concept)
Group coaching & help by Kurt Van Houtte & Maarten Vanhoucke.

Thanks to the entire group for making it an amazing day…







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